Why us?

Our Mission

To introduce new and quality technology to the market, suited to the customers needs in a cost effective manner.

Our Vision

Taking part in the global transition towards a sustainable, clean and equitable planet. Taking responsibility for our future.

Return on YOUR investment is EVERYTHING

We know how hard you work for your money, which is why we are determined to deliver measurable results on your investment. We believe that the only way to do our job is to provide real and measurable business value to our clients.

Quality and Innovation

We take the time to understand your business and offer complete, field-tested solutions, developed through our practical, wide-ranging experience. Innovation and Quality take our clients to market leaders.


We are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. When you need assistance our staff is always ready to deliver friendly and helpful responses as quickly as possible. Any support request that is submitted through our specified support channels is guaranteed to receive a swift response. This allows us to work with reputed companies like VW India.

We believe strongly that the future growth and profitability of a company depends upon the fulfillment of responsibilities to its customers. For us, customer care and service is not just a duty but also an inherent part of our Company Philosophy.


At AWS we focus on and specialize on machinery and equipment business. We understand the critical need of manufacturer to bring down the production cost and adopt products on market requirements as well as we innovate products and bring in our ideas directly from markets.

Meet the Team

Harminder Singh_neu

Harminder Singh


More than 16 years experience of Maintenance, Design, Retrofit & Customer Support in the Indian Solar & Semiconductor Industry with more than 500 MW insulation.

169 199markus

Markus Amendt

Managing Director


German renewable energy spokesman and forward thinking team leader. Proven contributions in the solar equipment industry with +8 years experience in automation, photovoltaic manufacturing and semiconductor industry.