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Brick Bonding System

Semi-automatic and automatic brick bonding systems

Before slicing the silicon ingot into wafers, the brick is bonded under highest precision on the work piece carrier plate. Bonding plants are used for bonding unfinished and finished bricks in wafer production. The processed materials are mainly multi-component adhesives and silicones.

Adhesive application can take place manually, semi-automatically or can be fully automated. In semi- and fully-automated ATN bonding plants for the solar industry, industrial robots are used.

Fully-automatic brick bonding plants consist of a pallet depot for silicon blocks with camera system for position detection, an industrial robot with exchangeable gripper system, a coating plant, a magazine for tool carriers and glass panes, gravity centring unit, adhesive application station with ATN two-component application heads and ATN dosing systems, single-barrel (pail) pump as fluid feed system, cleaning station, joining/fixing station and transfer station.

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silicon brick bonding unit

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