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Wafer Separtation

The fully automated system include a separation and cleaning unit for processing the wafers in a trouble-free and cost efficient manner.

In designing its wafer separation unit, DECKER was inspired by a creature that moves easily on smooth surfaces: the Gecko. You can benefit now from this superior technology – inspired by nature! Wafer separation is a key element for automation in the photovoltaic production – and is therefore crucial for competitiveness.

Gecko system characteristics:

Fully automatic handling of wet wafers
Comprehensive adhesion, with no punctiform pressure
Throughput of max. 3,000 wafers/h
Wet chemical processing feasible
Wafers are kept wet
Optical inspection and automatic sorting of broken wafers
Universally applicable, including for thin wafers as small as 120 µm


Significant increase of production capacities
Consistent higher quality
Considerably reduced production costs
Drastically reduced wafer breakage
100 percent usage rate of the final cleaning unit

wafer separation