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Phosphatising System

Plating technology by DECKER Anlagenbau: Intelligent customization.

Automated phosphating system for degreasing, pickling, activating, phosphatising, rinsing and applying an emulsion.

Example Application:
Degreasing, pickling, activating, phosphatising, rinsing and applying an emulsion

Special characteristics:
Fully automatic product transfer
For sockets with a diameter between 245 and 365 mm and a length between 200 and 350 mm
The sockets are positioned automatically into the two-storey product carrier by a conveyor belt mounted on-site via a magnetic mounting
With absorption

Customer value:
Good adhesion
Good corrosion protection
Perfect base for subsequent coatings
After applying the emulsion, no further coating is possible
Good anti-friction properties with a manganese phosphatising
Open automatic unit for phosphatising springs and punched parts

Please contact us with your specific requirements.
Phosphating system