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pi4_panelvision 60s / 45s - low cost Alternative with brilliant EL image quality

posted 1 Dec 2013, 21:31 by Management Info
pi4_panelvision 60s / 45s is the low cost alternative to pi4 Economic and Automatic Electroluminescence module testers.
Pi4_panelvision can be easily integrated into existing and new production lines before and after laminate. The simple handling, the brilliant EL-image quality, and
robust, low-maintenance machine concept make the system to have one of the leading position the market of the low-cost systems.
  • high resolution of 0.04 mm / pixel 
  • EL-high image quality for simple diagnosis by the operator 
  • Cycle times of 45s or 60s 
  • simple line integration 
  • automatic transportation system 
  • small footprint 
By visual inspection defects like cracks, grid finger breakage, dark spots or solder errors may be easily detected. The information about the defects detected may be stored to a data base together with the images.