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Service Hub Asia

Committed to both quality and service, we have a group dedicated engineers to provide after sales support so that our clients can use our equipment to the optimum. We provide a total service from installation to application support for all our customers.

After sales India

AWS is a fast growing, aggressive and forward-looking company. Standing in the forefront of the industry, we are constantly looking at opportunities to expand our capabilities to serve the rising demands of our clients.


We execute installation and maintenance services for our customers in all Asia. If you are interested in participating in our South Asian service hub to serve distant markets we are happy to go in contact with you. Our cooperation in networks with other machinery and plant manufacturers, distributors and service providers enables us with limited resources to provide the necessary customer proximity in distant growth markets.

An important point here is to reduce the operating and maintenance costs for the end user by locating the aftersales capacity in growth markets. This results in reduced travel costs for maintenance personnel, faster response times, better accessibility, higher plant availability and better customer retention. Indian machine operators and production operation today expect a presence of local equipment suppliers for machine maintenance, software updates, process optimization, fault elimination, documentation and training.


Please contact us with your requirements.