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PV EL Inspection

Panelvision 60s / 45s is the low cost alternative to pi4 Economic and Automatic
Electroluminescence module testers.

The panelvision can be easily integrated into existing and new production lines before and after laminate. The simple handling, the brilliant EL-image quality, and robust, low-maintenance machine concept make the system to have one of the leading positioning on the market of the low-cost systems.

  • high resolution of 0.4 mm / pixel
  • EL-high image quality for simple diagnosis by the operator 
  • Cycle times of 45s or 60s
  • simple line integration
  • automatic transportation system
  • small footprint
  • Made in Germnay

EL Images are evaluated by visual operator inspection, or fully automatic by comprehensive algorithms of advanced software pi4_control. Optional features are data base storage of results and supply of results to MES software.

AEVAL (Advanced EVALuation) selects the defects or defect combinations defined in your QM guide lines. On top “Power Loss Estimation” calculates the worst case loss of power for each cell and the entire module. This saves cost in repair labor and material.

Software “Repair Station Manger” is a tool to effectively aid your personal at pre lamination repair to identify the cells to be replaced. Service messages will help to identify issues in
upstream machines, stringer and busing.

solar EL inspection

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