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PV Streching & Fluxing Unit

Stetching Unit

For a good cell contacting, the cell connectors / Ribbons have to be stretched. The mechanical elongation de-creases the thermal elongation during soldering because of heating and cooling. So mechanical stresses between the cell and cell connectors are reduced also.

Also stretching the ribbons makes the handling of the ribbons easy because of the ribbons will be aligned.
  • ribbon length: approx 300mm 
  • length of stretching 2-10mm, adjustable 
  • max power stretching cylinder 150N


Fluxing Unit

For fluxing the cell connectors are placed in a basket and dipped in a flux bath. After draining, the basket is placed on the dryer and dried with a constant 50 ° C on the heated air stream.

  • 2 baskets
  • dip tank
  • hot air dryer
  • 3 storage container