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PV Junction Box Dispenser

Semi Automatic Gantry Axis Dispensing System with unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Gantry Axis dispensing machine, table size A4 with the following properties: movement XYZ 285 x 330 x 108 mm, Work Table Size: 240 x 320 mm, Z Clearance 100 mm

The machine can be programmed by a drawing of the contour which has to be dispensed as well as with a CNC program with DIN-ISO-Codes.

Precise and clean delivery of material from the first to the last Shoot with continuous low pressure flow guarantees excellent dispensing result. Air pressure continuously adjustable, NON-DROP-System, Changing the cartridge will not affect the position of the nozzle. –


  • movement XYZ approx. 285 x 330 x 108 mm 
  • Work Table Size: 240 x 320 mm 
  • KOSY multi processor control MCS with micro stepping 
  • wide z-table with cartridge holding fixture for Cartridges (310 ml), with bayonet cap for fast changing of the cartridges 
  • pneumatic dispensing device 
  • input pressure 5 to 7 bar

Junction Box CNC dispenser