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PV Semi Automated Tabber Stringer

Semi Automated Tabber Stringer 

Stringer for for cells with 2 or 3 busbars & for 1/2 cells, 1/3 cells, 1/4 cells, …

Semi Automated Tabber Stringer combines the advantages of an automatic Tabber/ Stringer with the flexibility and investment cost advantage of a manual soldering process. 

The System can solder up to 240 cells/ hour with just one single operator with a constant high quality of the solder joints and string pattern. With high uptime and minimal breakage rate the TS is designed to work reliable 24h/7. The semi automatic tabber and stringer unit is configured to operate where precision is required, and where expensive fully automation is not feasible.

  • Cycle Time 12 sec- 15 sec / cell for production rates more than 5 MW/ year
  • contactless and accurate heat transfer
  • reproducible soldering process
  • high flexibility
  • low cycle times by using temperature profiles
  • low operating costs and low investment
  • Made in Germany
With the LightBeam line emitters offers a wide range of optical systems for contactless heating. The halogen lamp emits light of wavelengths from 500 to 1500 nm, using a convergence mirror to focus the IR-light. Beam power and process time are controlled electronically and can be finely adjusted