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PV Premium String Inverter three-phase TL

Delivering an impressive efficiency of 98 %.

The three-phase PLATINUM® TL inverter.

This three-phase TL inverter impresses with a peak efficiency of 98.0 %. This is largely down to the increase in efficiency particularly in the lower output range achieved by the use of state-of-the-art SiC components in conjunction with the innovative DIVE® technology. The three-phase TL series is designed and constructed to meet the requirements of protection class IP 65 and is therefore suitable for outdoor applications. One main advantage for users is the ease with which the system can be taken into operation via the PLATINUM® network EIA 485: the inputs that are programmed at an inverter are transmitted to all networked devices. All of the key operating data can be clearly read off from the graphics display – even at night. The range includes five threephase models ranging from 13 to 22 kW.

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Three-phase TL inverter